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Justin Alexander

Justin Alexander embodies a classic, refined and timeless feel. Known as the ‘King of Fit and Flair’ a Justin Alexander gown embodies attainable luxury, is crafted from exquisite fabrics and remains one of the most popular bridal labels in the world - think classic Hollywood-style gowns for statement-making aisle entrances.


She’s a #jabride - confident, sophisticated, timeless style


Size Range 

UK 6 - 26


Price Range 

£1,315 - £2,425


We Stock

Ginny, Gibson, Gemma, Glenetta, Grove, Ebony, Elissa, Elyse, Ember, Estelle, Daria, Deidra, Delia, Denley, Camryn, Carson, Cooper, Cora, 88122, Faith, Freeland, Fiona, Harper, Hailey.

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