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Brideys, we know wedding dress shopping can be overwhelming, so we’ve complied this Q&A to equip you with all the knowledge you need.


Full of our most frequently asked questions, this page will hopefully answer all your queries ahead of your appointment, but if you still have any lingering questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out. The #PWStylists are here to help.


Q. How much do your dresses cost?


Our collection ranges from £1,500 - £4.950, with the average price being around £2,500. Please view our designer page for more specific costs. Worried about finances? Please don’t stress - we will absolutely honour your budget and work to find you a dress that you love, within your price range. Our off-the-peg options are perfect for brides on a budget, and as every single one of our gowns has been handpicked not only for its look but for its feel appeal too, you know you’ll walk away with a premium piece made with quality fabric.


Q. Do I need to book an appointment?


In short, yes! Our goal is to help you find your wedding dress, and we can only do this by properly preparing for your visit. We want every bride to feel special, taken care of and not rushed. Booking an appointment ensures just that – you’ll receive the undivided attention of our stylists and have a beautiful experience with your friends and family. Make it a date and our experienced #PWStylists will do the rest.


Q. How many people can I bring with me to my appointment?


You can bring four people along with you to your appointment. While some may want to bring their whole tribe, we find this can be quite overwhelming and stressful for the bride, and almost takes away from the exclusivity of our bespoke service. By handpicking a couple of key guests, we promise that your experience will flow easily and be filled with honest, supportive vibes from the get-go.


Q. When should I book my appointment?


Our dresses usually take on average 6-8 months to be made and delivered - that’s without the shipping delays due to Covid and Brexit - so we always recommend booking your appointment 12 months before your wedding day. This allows plenty of time for us to fit you to perfection, the designers to acquire fabric and materials, to then make your gown, and for the couriers to deliver on time.


#PWPointer - If you find your dress, purchase it! With fluctuating shipping dates (especially for short timelines), not committing to your gown could mean you miss a key delivery date which could scupper your plans completely.


Q. Help, I don't have 12 months!


Don’t have that much time? Don't panic! Not only do some of our designers offer quick shipping for last minute commissions, but we have a small collection of sample dresses in-store at a discounted price ready to be taken home the same day – avoiding long production delays. If this is an option you are interested in and want to learn more about, then drop us a message and we will suggest something to suit your vision.


#PWPointer - You can also find our sample sale dresses on our sale Instagram sale page, @prettywomanedinburghsale! Give us a follow for discounted dress goals.


Q. What size are your samples?


Our dress samples range from a UK 10-24. We are big believers that all shapes and sizes can wear the same dress, you just need to find your perfect fit, so we work closely with our brides to ensure they get a clear vision of what it will look like on the big day. There’s pins to pull you in, panels to add fabric and a little podium to stand on to add length. If you can see it, we believe it - we got your back bridey!


Top Tips: Wedding Dress Shopping: What You Need To Know


Navigating the world of wedding dress shopping can be overwhelming. Take note of our top tips to ease the strain:


1. Pick your crew wisely. This can make or break your experience. If you are easily flustered, keep invites to a minimum and only bring your nearest and dearest who you can’t imagine saying YES to the dress without. Key traits we recommend: honest, supportive, trustworthy and decisive.

If they cant be there in person, make sure they are ready for your FaceTime call!


2. Think about your day of choice. Saturdays are our without doubt our busiest days in the shop, as we have back to back appointments all day and limited space inside. Weekday appointments offer major perks, a more intimate experience and sometimes you get the whole shop to yourself - so it might just be worth putting in that holiday at work…


3. When you know, you know. If you find a dress you don't want to take off, one you feel your best self in, that’s the sign. Try not to sabotage yourself by overthinking every detail – go with your gut – and once you do say yes, cherish that moment. You just found the one! Time for the fizz


4. Wear high, nude, seamless pants! Nothing ruins a sleek silhouette quite like a pair of shocking pink undies girls!

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