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Pretty Woman

Enveloped within the high ceilings of our elegant, light-flooded city center bolthole lies an offering  no modern bride will be able to resist: an alluring curation of scintillating wedding dresses paired  with a truly covetable bridal experience.  

Steeped in our family-run team’s endless dedication and scrupulous attention to detail, the Pretty  Woman bridal experience is not only seamless and unique, it’ll become pivotal to your wedding  dress journey.  

Prepare to fully immerse yourself in the Pretty Woman experience, where your opinion reigns  above all others, flutes of complimentary Prosecco bubble softly and your intimate bridal dress  journey with one of our adept stylists (each with an abundance of experience and skill under their  belt) begins.  

Playing host to an endlessly mesmerizing selection of esteemed bridal designers (the likes of  Justin Alexander, Jane Hill, Eva Lendel, Jesus Peiro, Trish Peng and KYHA Studios hang from our rails) finding  ‘the one’ has never looked so appealing. Deftly cut crepe slips sit beside intricate lace  showstoppers, while glittering embellishment and illusion cut outs cause a stir amongst more  modern, sleeker lines. Whether you’re looking to go bold in something sculptural or hit elegant  notes of tradition along the way, the Pretty Woman offering (ranging in sizes 8-24) is a celebrated  one.  

Catering to all women and sizes, we aspire to ensure our brides feel effortlessly empowered,  confident and, most importantly, beautiful. And, with a revered seamstress on-hand, we’ll make  sure every single adjustment to your gown, however small, is made with the utmost skilled  precision, ensuring every seam, every sleeve, every detail is ready for its aisle debut. 


Born from a love affair with the fashion industry, alongside an ambitious desire to deliver a truly  luxurious, exclusive wedding dress experience to Edinburgh-based brides (and beyond) Pretty  Woman is more than just your average bridal boutique.  

Our unique bridal offering is driven by three core values that sit at the very heart of the Pretty  Woman brand: honesty, luxury and empathy. Upon meeting our brides every decision, every  conversation and every step we take is infused by each and every one of these values - alongside  your individual love story - assuring brides not only of our respected expertise and knowledge, but  our innate sense of style, vision and boundless supply of invaluable advice.  

At Pretty Woman you aren’t just booking a standard appointment. We understand that those first  couple of hours spent pursuing our rails, indulging in the luxurious mood of the studio and deciding  between the structural simplicity of a Jane Hill number and the glorious embellishment brought to  you by an Eva Lendel for example, is a moment - a series of moments - that you’ll treasure and  return to for many decades to come. 

And, with those all important finishing touches attended to by our reliable seamstress service (the  very final part of the Pretty Woman bridal experience) no hemline will go unfinished, no fit not  skilfully tailored to your body, no added detail not flawlessly finalised.  

The palatial bridal retreat that is Pretty Woman beckons, and you’re a mere click away from  discovering it for yourself…

About Pretty Woman

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